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Swimmers in the pool listening to the coach

The Benefit of Swim Clinics

I’ve competed in well over 100 triathlons and talked to thousands of people at races. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my swim, and often the conversation turns to...

My Cat's love affair with Brooks Levitate shoe boxes

It turns out my cats are just as particular about shoe boxes as humans can be about running shoes.
Cat in shoebox
Pro Grace Alexander running on a car racing track

A look back at my 2nd year as a Pro Triathlete

As my second season as a professional triathlete comes to an end, I thought to share a few notes about what I have learned during my racing journey.

The Power of the Team

To call the 2021 70.3 World Championships in St. George, Utah, an epic race is an absolute understatement. Every single weather condition imaginable, aside from snow or the bomb cyclone... Read More
The Power of the Team
To most people, triathlon is.....

To most people, triathlon is.....

When I tell a friend or acquaintance that I’m a triathlete, they usually ask: “did you do the Ironman in Hawaii?”  This idea that the only triathlon is a full... Read More

The Offseason Is Here!

It’s early November and cooler temps are on the way. Yes, it’s the start of offseason (or whatever buzz word your coach calls it). As I eat my 3 rd... Read More
Cycling in a triathlon
How to make a personalized map with your Garmin

How to make a personalized map with your Garmin

Have you ever wanted to make a map of everywhere you raced or have wanted to race? Well you can! I actually have two of these maps, I have your... Read More

Time for an Upgrade

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. By: Catherine Meihofer Getting into triathlon is amazing, fun, rewarding, and expensive! There is a significant monetary investment in not... Read More
Time for an Upgrade
Garmin Varia Bike light with Camera

First Ride: Garmin Varia RCT715

Hello everyone! My name is Robert, and I am one of the bike fitters here at All3Sports and Podium Multisport. I am also a triathlete which of course means I... Read More