It turns out my cats are just as particular about shoe boxes as humans can be about running shoes.

My two fabulous felines developed a loyalty to Brooks, and not just any old Brooks box because they’ve had their choice of different Brooks shoes and sizes…they love the women’s size 9.5 Brooks Levitate boxes the most, in fact it became the exclusive choice in shoebox in no time.

However…all good things must come to an end, and for my two Cardboard Connoisseurs that happened when me and my ex fiancé split. Yes, the Brooks Levitate size 9.5 was my ex’s choice running shoe so sadly no Danielle meant my girls got cut off too. Ain’t that a B’!

That last shoebox was gonna have to last a while, much longer than I’d normally keep them, until I found a long term solution for their fix.

The first good idea was for me to stop at West Stride and see if they had what I needed. They gave me about 15 empties of all different brands ranging from women’s size 9 to 11…sadly I didn’t have much luck getting any of them to take with mis amigas.

A few months later I had reached out to the ATL Brooks Run Guru Zoie to see if she could help me out, and she was like “I got you fam, say no more!” And loaded up a box full of what the girls loved and FedEx’d it to me.

Two days later it came and she had packed in enough of their boxes to last the rest of their lives!


By race team member Eric Esposito
esposwimbikerun YouTube Channel


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