Buying a Bike Online

Purchasing Your Bike Online

Whether you are searching for road bikes, tri bikes, mountain bikes, or gravel bikes, can help you make the right decisions. As competitive triathletes and cyclists, we not only use most of the items we sell, we also find and hire the best bike fitters and mechanics in the business to ensure that you get the right fit and the best bike build for your goals.

Buying a bike online can be challenging. If at all possible, we recommend you visit us in at one of our two Atlanta stores to get a professional bike fit. We have people travel to Atlanta from all over the world to work with our fitters. If this is an option that is available to you.  Learn more about our fits and how to book a fit here.


If you've had a bike fit from a certified bike fitter, you can request a copy of your fit sheet to help you determine your frame size. Email us a copy of the sheet and we will set up the bike to your measurements.

If you don't have access to a bike fitter, that's okay. You can take your own measurements. See the guide below to help you walk through the process.

Anatomy of the Bike and You

The measurements we are asking you to provide for us below are used by our fit experts to help determine the appropriate size for your frame and components.

For best results, print this page out and have someone help you measure. Things you will need: a tape measure, a pen/pencil, and a hardcover book with about a 1-inch binding.

Measurements: All measurements should be taken without shoes, standing straight, and feet about 8 inches apart (about shoulder width).

It's very important that you get exact measurements so take each measurement 2-3 times just to be sure you have it right! 


Height: Stand with your heels and buttocks against the wall. Measure from the ground to the top of your head.

Your Height is ___ inches or ___ centimeters


Sternum Notch: This measurement is used to determine your torso length and the optimal rider “cockpit” size. Stand with your heels and buttocks against the wall. Measure from the ground to the sternum notch (between the two bony protrusions at the base of your throat).

Your Sternum Notch is ___ inches or ___ centimeters


Inseam: The accuracy of this measurement is critical to the sizing of your frame. You can fine tune a fit with different stems, seatposts, or handlebars, but a good fit starts in the correct frame. Please be aware that your inseam or leg length measurement is NOT the same as your pant inseam. Stand with your heels and buttocks against a wall. Place a book between your legs and firmly against the wall. Pull the book up into your crotch very snug, like when sitting on a bike saddle. The book should sit firmly against the wall. Measure from the ground to the top edge of the book.

Your Inseam is ___ inches or ___ centimeters


Arm Length: This measurement helps to determine the rider’s “cockpit” (roughly the distance from your seated saddle position to the handlebars). Getting the right cockpit means that you are neither cramped nor stretched on the bike. Measure in a straight line from the inside of your armpit (just touching your body) to the point where your thumb and index finger form a "V"

Your Arm Length is ___ inches or ___ centimeters


Shoulder: This measurement helps determine your handlebar width. Measure your shoulder width by the outside of the bony points at the top of your shoulders or, if it is easier, measure from the inside of one armpit to the inside of the other.

Your Shoulder is ___ inches or ___ centimeters

When you are ready to order your bike, place your order and put the measurements you just took into the comments of the order. Our expert fitters will use your measurements to confirm proper frame and component sizing. If you're trying to purchase a sale bike, just give us a call (770.587.9994) during business hours or email us at and we can make a recommendation based on your measurements.


Quality Packing and Direct Shipping

We will build the bike to your specification before we pack and ship your bike.

Every part is inspected for quality and performance before it is attached to the frame. Once built, our technicians carefully tune and test ride your machine to ensure everything is working right. Finally, we wrap every tube with 1/4 inch foam and tie it up tight before putting it in a box and adding expanding foam to create a cocoon of safety for your new bike.

Wrapped up tight, we then send your bike directly to you. Then it is just 6 simple steps before you are ready to ride.

  1. Open the box, remove the bike and cut away all the zip-ties.
  2. Attach the front brake to the fork with an Allen wrench.
  3. Attach the handlebars at the stem.
  4. Insert the seatpost.
  5. Mount the front wheel, and
  6. Fill up the tires.

For best results, we suggest getting professionally fit before riding your bike. If you have any questions before or during the process, our expert bike professionals are just a phone call away and ready to help you build your dream bike.