The 2020 triathlon season will be here before we know it! The race team is ramping up their training for what is sure to be another fantastic season. These individuals were selected to represent the all3sports brand through their training, racing and promoting an encouraging atmosphere in the triathlon world. Their goals for the year range from securing or defending their pro status, improving specific aspects of their race such as swim and improving their overall time. With this group of athletes, we hope they will be a source for inspiration and be a resource for you as you continue in your athletic journey.

2020 all3sports Race Team  2020 all3sports Elite Team

Why do we have race teams?

By agreeing to be a part of the all3sports team, they are agreeing to be a supportive group for everyone in the triathlon and endurance sports community from elite athlete to those who are considering how to get started. These groups provide peer support for each other as they work towards their individual goals. They will share best practices with the community and encourage you to be your best.

How were they selected?

These individuals applied at the annual enrollment period by filling out an application and providing information regarding their race goals, their motivation and areas they’d like to improve. They also provided information regarding how they can help the community improve skills or become knowledgeable in a particular subject area. These applications were reviewed by a selection committee and with careful consideration, the teams were formed.

There is an Elite team and a Race team, what is the difference?

The sport is filled with individuals of all abilities and experience in the sport. By having these two distinct teams, individuals in the community can follow and connect with individuals that relate most to themselves. With so many sources for information, it is often confusing to decipher what works best for you at your level. These individuals are here to inspire and support the community.

What will these individuals do for the community?

Our race teams are not only about racing. They also will be providing inspiration and information for the community. Of course, they will be training, racing and improving themselves but these individuals also want to be a resource for the community. They will be engaging in the community through:

  • Sharing their stories on through their social media accounts
  • Providing guidance, best practices and race reports through the all3sports blog – See this one from last year!
  • Leading information sessions, training sessions and other in-person events at our shop and around town – The first one last Saturday!

How do I follow these individuals?

We suggest you subscribe to our blog, follow all3sports on facebook and Instagram to get the most up to date updates from our teams! You can follow the individuals on facebook, Instagram and athlinks individually. 

We look forward to celebrating amazing achievements this year on our team and in the community!


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