Bike Fit

Whether you’re shopping for your first bike or upgrading to your fifth bike, the best investment you can possibly make is in a good bike fit.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a fit on your existing bike so that you are as efficient as possible, or be purchasing a new bike, we take you through the same process. It is our job to carefully balance the art and science of your fit.

You can be fit on a current bike or for a new bike. We will not sell a bike in-store unless an individual has had a bike fit because we are so committed to you getting the right bike for your body!

We believe so much in the bike fit process that if you purchase a bike from us within 3-weeks of your fit, we'll credit the cost of the fit to your bike purchase!

We offer three Bike Fitting Services at all3sports

Road or Tri Bike Full Bike Fit

  • $350
  • 2 hr initial fitting 
  • 1 hr follow-up appointment within 90 days of initial fit
  • assessment of current bike fit (if already on a bike)
  • brief biomechanical off-the-bike assessment 
  • ideal fit determined during fit process on our Retul MUVE machine
  • cleat fitting
  • saddle fitting
  • retrofitting of current bike to match new position -or- new bike recommendations 

    Saddle and/or cleat fitting

    • $100
    • 1 hr initial appt
    • 30 min follow-up appointment allowed within 30 days of saddle fitting
    • saddle is returnable within 2 weeks if it is not comfortable once ridden outside

    Free bike fit consultation

    • 30 min one-on-one Q & A session (currently blocked on schedule for 1 hr to give buffer time) 
    • client may bring their bike and discuss current bike fit issues, injuries, saddle pain, or foot discomfort
    • We'll make recommendations and refer for appropriate services (i.e. bike fitting, saddle fit, cleat fit, PT, massage, coaching, etc.)

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