This workout is intended to be conducted on a stationary bike or bike trainer. If you have a smart trainer and want to follow this, turn of "erg mode" to control your bike manually. Don't have a stationary bike but have an outdoor bike? You don't need much to take your training indoors. We recommend the following to get you started:

A trainer:

A skewer:

If you have access to a flat place to ride, you can also do this outside only if you can ensure you are safe. Your safety is paramount and the first priority. 

A couple of terms:

  • RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion - a range of 1 to 10 where 10 is the hardest effort
  • RPM: Revolutions Per Minute - the number of times your foot rotates in a minute
  • Race pace: the hardest pace you can maintain for the duration of 

The Workout:

Ready, set, ride!

Warm up

  • 5:00 pedal easy at 90 RPM
  • 5:00 pedaling alternating :30 at 80 RPM and :30 at 100 RPM
  • 5:00 Easy riding at 95+ RPM

Main Set 1: Repeat 4 times

  • 30 sec very hard sprint @ 10 RPE
  • 2 min @ 7-9 RPE (Race pace) - this should be a push but let your heart rate recover to zone 2.

Main Set 2: 

  • 15 to 30 minutes @ 7-9 RPE (Race pace) 

Cool Down

  • 5 min easy @ 3-5 RPE

Note about following training advice you find on the internet: 

As with all training advice, please read this with knowledge of your own health and abilities in mind. Be sure to ask a doctor if you’re healthy enough to perform these exercises. If you have an injury, make sure you have recovered and cleared for additional activity. Do not over-train and ensure you are fueling your body appropriately to maximize your body’s performance and recovery. If something causes pain, that’s not good. Stop that exercise and perhaps the workout. When you workout, you should feel like you’re doing work but there shouldn’t be pain. Listen to your body and be smart.

Photo Credit: Photo by Roman Pohorecki


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