Go to any race and you’ll find people wearing compression gear - especially popular seem to be the compression socks or calf sleeves. They are often colorful and make athletes look tough but are these products really worth the investment?

We decided to take a deeper dive into the 2XU compression products that we sell at all3sports to find out how they work and what makes the product different.

2XU (Two Times You)  is an Australia-based company. The founders, which included a former professional triathlete, were focused on creating a brand that multiplied human performance.

To create a new type of gear, the founders knew that they had to creat a new type of fabric. The current fabrics were created with warp knit that did not allow them to stretch evenly. The answer came from medical grade bandages. The technology used in those bandages allowed for a multi-directional pull that stretched evenly with the movement of the body. This was because they used a circular knit fabric. 2XU took this principle and created a fabric that was lightweight while allowing for 360-degree stretching and compression, allowing it to evenly deliver compression.

So why is that important? How does compression help an athlete train and recover?

During Exercise

Muscles oscillate during exercise which causes micro-tearing and less efficient movements. Compression gear allows the muscles to stay in place for optimal muscle movement. This helps muscles move more efficiently and reduces microtears.

Injury prevention

Because compression keeps the muscles in the optimal position, they move more efficiently. It also promotes blood circulation during warm up so the body can warm up more quickly, thus reducing the instances of injury.


Compression gear reduces swelling and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It also improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage allowing your body to release toxins more quickly and speed up muscle repair. This helps you go into your next workout less sore and ready to train.

Types of Compression Gear

At all3sports, we carry two types of compression gear. Elite and Recovery. Elite is designed to be worn during workouts. It is going to be a bit tighter and designed to hold the muscle in place. The Recovery line is to be worn after workouts. It will increase blood flow to the legs and help eliminate toxins from the body...they are also great for long flights pre-race!

Check out all of our compression products or come into the store to find out which is right for you.


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