Interested in the new Swimrun races?

We had a chance to chat live with Abby Huggins Mowinski and Phillip Hauserman of Team Podium about the new swimrun phenomenon. Abby participated in Swimrun North Carolina this past year and is signed up for Swimrun Georgia on a co-ed team with Phillip in a few weeks. 

Part one of their video gives us some background on Swimrun, training tips, and a review of the Orca Core Swimrun Suit.



After connecting a dropped wifi connection, we moved on to part two. Abby and Phillip discuss gear that you'll need on the course and talk about what they are looking forward to about the race.



A shoutout to some of Abby's favorite products: the Orca Core Swimrun suit, Swift socks, Coeur Tri Shorts and the all-important, Body Glide

Interested in Swimrun? Here's a list of some of the upcoming races.


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