Skin Strong Anti Friction Powder

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This Teflon based anti chafing powder provides long lasting protection in a convenient bottle. The anti-fungal ingredients, Tea Tree Oil and Tolnaftate, will keep your feet strong and healthy (and no more smelly shoes!) 

Features / Benefits

  • Eliminates Blisters and Hot Spots
  • Prevents Foot Odor
  • Teflon Based Formula Will Not Break Down, Clump, or Turn To Paste!
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Long, Long Lasting Protection!

Important Tips

  • DUST is not a talc or cornstarch base powder, instead of  sprinkling or shaking, you will squeeze to apply DUST evenly.
  • Teflon can sometimes coat the holes in the bottle like it coats your feet.  Simply tap the bottle on a counter a couple of times to clear the holes.
  • Since DUST will not break down, your feet will have a powdery coating even after a long work-out.  It is a good idea to keep a towel by your door to clean your feet before walking on your floors!  (This tip has saved many relationships:)