If anyone understands how difficult it is for triathletes to find the time (or want to) squeeze yoga into their routine, it's Becky Nickerson. She and her husband, Matt Shechtman own one of the most popular yoga studios in Atlanta. Matt is an elite age-group triathlete and credits yoga for his continued success in training and racing. We caught up with Becky at her studio near our store in Sandy Springs.


After sharing some great tips, she took some time to give us some fixes for problem areas.

We started with the feet. Triathletes put their feet through a lot of work! This intense stress will help keep your feet from injury!


Next up are the hip flexors. The hip flexors are the area where your leg joins your pelvis (the top of your quad). This area tends to be tight in general because we spend so much time sitting. Add time on the bike and you'll be feeling the pain. This easy stretch uses a yoga block that can be found in our Trigger Point Starter Kit.


From here, we move to the core. Lack of core stability will have a big impact on swimming, biking, and running. The nice thing about this exercise is you also get a nice twist in addition to building core strength.


Last up we tackle the upper back and shoulders. Triathletes spend a lot of time hunched over into an aero position or swimming. Opening up the back and shoulders is an important part of injury prevention. 


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