We’ve all been on the race course and heard the ‘whomp, whomp’ and then seen a rider fly by on a disc wheel.

Besides the intimidating noise, what is the point in race wheels? Do they really make you faster?

The answer is yes.

Race wheels have a deeper dish rim which is going to be more aerodynamic. The deeper the rim, the more aerodynamic the wheel.

Race wheels are also typically lighter than your traditional road wheels. Race wheels are often made from carbon which is a lighter material than the aluminum that you’ll find in most standard-issue wheels.

Race wheels typically have higher quality hubs and spokes which will cause less friction as you ride making you more efficient.

We’ve had reports from customers who have seen increases in up to 1 mph faster putting on race wheels

Team Podium Member Marc Leber recently invested in race wheels and has seen a big difference while riding on them,

‘I have some zip firecrest 404’s that I’ve been using since January. I only use them for race simulation and actual races. Such a huge difference over regular wheels! It almost feels as if you’re cutting through the air, and it definitely coasts longer. If anyone is looking for a good way to get free speed, I highly recommend renting or buying race wheels!’

Smaller, lighter rides or riders racing on a very windy course should take note that they would be wise to adapt their race wheels. One way to compensate is to ride a 404 wheel on the front and an 808 - which is a deeper rim - on the back. This will help you maintain better control of the bike because your center of gravity and the weight is over the deeper wheel, giving you more control in the front.

Your most aerodynamic option will be to ride a full disc wheel. It’s worth noting that this wheel will be the most difficult to manage in extremely windy race conditions and are not allowed at Kona.

Wheels are an investment and if you are thinking of upgrading, we encourage you to stop by one of our two-Atlanta locations or give us a call to discuss what makes the most sense for you and your goals.

We also have a wheel rental option available (in-store pick up only). We'll get you on the right wheel for your A-race with installation included in the rental fee.

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