Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Crankset - Mid-Compact

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vSize: 172.5 mm 52/36

SKU CKCRS9000MC|172.5MM 52/36

Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Crankset - Mid-Compact - 172.5MM 52/36

11-speeds? Absolutely. Lighter weight? You got it. The marriage between a standard and compact crankset? Amen. The Shimano Dura-Ace FC-9000 11-Speed Crankset has once again revolutionized the market through common sense design that, for one reason or another, no one else has attempted. Finally, we can run either compact or standard rings on one spider, and even better, FC-9000 hasn't compromised a thing. In fact, it's lighter, just as stiff, and sleeker than 7900. Beauty and intelligence—the total package.

Easily, Dura-Ace 9000's most striking and recognizable feature is the FC-9000 crankset—and this is for good reason. On the surface, the FC-9000 is a complete departure from the traditional aesthetics of Dura-Ace. Gone are the days of the five-arm spider, and the necessity for a separate compact crankset has also fallen by the wayside. Instead, 9000 features a shift to a new four-arm spider design. This occured for many reasons, but most notably, it's because the four-arm spider matches rigidity with 7900 while shaving around 52 grams. However, 9000 has more than meets the eye. Like 7900, you'll find the continuation of Shimano's Hollowtech II construction. Over the past few iterations of Dura-Ace, this manufacturing methodology has played an integral role in attaining weight reduction without sacrificing Dura-Ace's superior stiffness.

It's this balance of Shimano practicing tried-and-true forging methods, while still treading into unknown waters, that makes Dura-Ace more of a continuation than an innovation. We mean this in the best possible way. Shimano has learned what works, and over the years, has continually added to, and improved, the Dura-Ace design. Hollowtech II and Hollowglide are prime examples of this. The crank arms and chainrings feature strategically hollowed sections that reduce material (read: weight) without compromising stiffness.

The four-arm spider amplifies this characteristic, but more important to Shimano, it embodies its "rider-tuned" philosophy. In this, Shimano created 9000 to work for you, the rider. Case in point, the four-arm design and the 'top-secret' BCD allows for front chainring combinations from 50-34 to 55-42t on the same spider. Also new to this year, Shimano will be offering the crankset in a press-fit option.

When coupled with Shimano's integrated bottom bracket, the hollow designs produce a weight-to-stiffness ratio that, with the possible exception of the incrementally updated Dura-Ace 9001 model, is unchallenged in Shimano's line. We should note that, regardless of the 9001 crank's material properties, it lacks the clean, graceful lines of the 9000 model featured here. These lines have long been a hallmark of the Japanese brand, and the latest iteration's swollen crank arms look a bit more Italian to us, while Dura-Ace 9000 crank arms continue to feel like a purely Shimano design.


  • The key component in Shimano's top-tier racing drivetrain
  • New spider design matches stiffness while shedding grams
  • Hollow sections reduce weight without compromising efficiency
  • Universal BCD accepts compact, semi-compact, and standard rings
  • Shimano's flagship drivetrain is widely celebrated for the smoothest shifting in the industry