Louis Garneau Womens Air Gel Ultra Cycling Glove

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Color: Black

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The Women's Air Gel Ultra Gloves provide the most gel padding on the market with additional features that enable you to ride pain-free all day long.

Over 5 mm of our patented Biogel progressive padding is anatomically placed around the palm to keep blood flowing and prevent numbness, while our patented Ergo Air® X-Vent ventilation allows air to flow freely through your palm, preventing sweat and rubbing. The palm is made with GTEX synthetic leather, and we've equipped the gloves with special finger pullers that allow the gloves to come off with ease.

- Gel Padding
- GTEX synthetic leather
- Ergo Air® X-Vent hole pattern
- Patented Biogel progressive padding: Reduces pressure on the ulnar and median nerves, absorbs vibrations and reduces risks of hand injury
- Patent pending proprietary finger pullers
- Patent-pending proprietary finger pullers
- Hook and loop wrist fastener
- Microfiber thumb
- Patented Biogel2 progressive padding3 4, 6 and 8 mm
- AirFit Mesh
- Patented Ergo Air® X-Vent ventilation1