Challenge Gravel Grinder Tire: Handmade Clincher, 260tpi, Black

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Size: 700 x 36

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Challenge Clincher (HCL) tires perform better than any tubeless system!
Our Handmade Clinchers are made from the same materials and processes as our handmade tubulars but instead of sewing an inner tube inside the casing is wrapped around a aramid bead to form a tire that fits on a clincher rim.

The HCL is molded flat, not in a horseshoe like a Vulcanized tire. This shape allows the casing to naturally deform over surface imperfections and minimize rolling resistance. A tubeless tire is molded in a U-shape so the sidewalls are rigid so the system does not “burp” or lose air when it deforms after it encounters a surface imperfection. The tubeless tire’s stiff sidewall is exactly what compromises its ability to equal an HCL with a latex inner tube.

Challenge Handmade Tires are made with the highest quality materials and processes. Like a fine wine, they must stored and treated with care to have a long life and provide the highest level of performance, comfort and control. After being
ridden in mud they should be washed with a light detergent with a soft brush and fully dried prior to being stored in cool, dark, dry room (yes, like a wine cellar). Handmade tires should never be stored wet or for long hours in direct sunlight or
high heat (on a terrace, in or on a car or in a shop window).