Bonk Breaker Energy Bar

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Color: Single

Size: Coconut Cashew


Bonk Breakers are made by athletes for athletes. The true beauty of Bonk Breaker is in the simplicity of its ingredients, which has expanded their market from just athletes to the general population. Bonk Breaker believes in a whole foods philosophy, using simple wholesome ingredients. While ingredient quality is of top priority, so is taste. They don’t have to tell you that, just taste them and they speak for themselves.

For everyday use, Bonk Breakers make a quick and easy breakfast treat, convenient snack and meal-on-the-run.

For Exercise/Training:

  • Before: Start exercise fully fueled with one of our Bonk Breaker energy bars 30-60 minutes before exercise. This will top off your carbohydrate stores and provide long-lasting, sustained energy.
  • During: For exercise lasting around 90 minutes or longer, it is important to refuel your glycogen stores to avoid “bonking”. Athletes’ fuel needs differ depending on many factors, but generally athletes should consume 200-400 calories per hour. Bonk Breaker energy bars range from 220-260 calories per bar; therefore athletes often eat 1-2 bars per hour. Bonk Breaker energy bars have about a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, which is well balanced, offering sustained energy. When training, it is important to fuel consistently and stay hydrated. Remember, training your gut and practicing your nutrition is an essential aspect to training and performance. Bonk Breaker assists this process by using clean ingredients your body recognizes and can easily digest.
  • After: Recover with one of our Bonk Breaker High Protein bars. The combination of carbohydrate with 15 grams of quality protein will help restore your glycogen stores and rebuild your muscles.