Orca Vitalis Light Openwater Sleeveless Wetsuit

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The Vitalis Light Wetsuit is the evolution of Openwater RS1 Sleeveless.

The Vitalis Light open water wetsuit is the perfect choice for swimmers who do not need much thermal comfort and prefer a wetsuit with more flexibility for unrestricted movement while swimming.

Unrestricted Swim Stroke:
The sleeveless construction of the Vitalis Light gives you absolute freedom of movement in the shoulder and arm area when swimming in open water. Unrestricted swimming, buoyancy in the lower body and thermal comfort in the torso will allow you to fully enjoy your sessions at sea.

The distribution of materials of different thicknesses, up to 4.5 mm-thick in the legs, will provide you with greater buoyancy and safety for your adventures at sea.

Neoprene : 95 %, Polyamide (Nylon) : 5 %