XLab Gorilla Cage - Carbon

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vColor: White/Black


The GORILLA Cage helps prevent bottles ejecting from cages on bumpy roads, and saddle-mounted water bottle carriers. The cage has over 2X the gripping force of conventional carbon cages due to the 6 high shouldered carbon gripping fingers, tall retention tab at the top and thicker carbon material. The GORILLA cage will fit on any standard cage mounts.

• Tall Gripping sides for a 7 lb grip on bottle
• Stiff top lip helps retain bottles
• Flared entry for fast insertion
• Thick shelf to support large bottles

Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 35 grams

To ensure the best possible fit with the GORILLA Cage, use a bottle that has a groove all the way around that is uniform and fits tightly into the hook at the top of the GORILLA Cage.
Bottles with shorter groves that do not fit properly into the hook like the Camelback Podium, and bottles with grooves that are not uniform around the entire circumference like the Polar Insulated bottles are not recommended for use with the XLAB GORILLA Cage. In our experience these two bottles do not stay in place on rear carriers due to the lack of a groove for the cages to grip.