Finis Zoomers Training Fins

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vColor: Red

vSize: C

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  • Sustain optimum form and workout level to reduce body fat percentage without burning out!

  • Strengthen and firm stomach, legs, hips, and buttocks.

  • Pick RED if you are an advanced swimmer with a developed, strong kick

  • Pick BLUE if you are looking for a strength training workout

    The sizing corresponds to standard shoe sizes. Running shoes tend to run somewhat small the running shoe size will not necessarily be your correct fin size. Select your size based on a men's dress shoe or a woman's walking shoe (a pump or a flat).

    If your shoe size is in the middle of the fin size range: For example, if you are a women's size 9, a size E (8-9 1/2)would be correct.

    If you are between sizes: For example, a men's size 10 could fit either an F 8 (1/2-10) or a G (10-11 1/2). To choose the best fit, then the width of your foot or the prominence of your instep determines whether you should choose to size up or size down.

      Average width foot: If you have an average width foot (medium width or up to a C width) then you should choose the size F (8 1/2-10).

      Wide foot or high arch: If you have a wide foot, a D or E width or wider, or a high arch (high instep), then you should choose the larger size G (10-11 1/2).