BMC SpeedMachine 00 LTD Exclusive Package

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Unconditionally Fast

Our engineers in the Impec Lab teamed up with our partners at Red Bull Advanced Technologies to redefine what a triathlon bike can do. The all-new BMC Speedmachine takes everything you know about triathlon bikes and places the most crucial element at the center - you. Races don’t happen in a wind tunnel. That’s why we designed the all-new BMC Speedmachine to deliver speed and predictability where you need it most – the real world. By focusing on the rider, bike, and environment as a single system, we’ve made the fastest bike we’ve ever tested – in all conditions. Oh and did we mention that it’s already a race winner, as well as course record holder?

The all new Speedmachine 00 takes this new revolution and raises the bar again, not just with a bike, but an entire package and available in incredibly limited numbers. 50. Yes, just fifty.

Platinum Membership
In addition to our all-new bike, Speedmachine 00 owners become part of the BMC Owners Circle; a platinum membership which includes exclusive access to unique experiences and events around the world.

Examples include pro athlete training camps, track testing as well as other performance experiences that are often only available to pro athletes. Together with these, members would also get early access to bike launches and much more.

‘BMC Racing’ holds a prestige and represents the pinnacle of professional cycling. To provide riders with the best available technology, BMC is collaborating with data driven wearable technology brand VORN and this partnership represents the next phase from BMC Racing in an ongoing investment in digital technology that combines the athlete, the bike and environment. With this in mind, we bring to market a device never before seen…

BMC Aero Motion
The BMC Racing program and VORN have created BMC Aero Motion, a device specifically designed to provide highly detailed analysis on aero positioning and rider efficiency. The device provides incredibly accurate continuous data on the aero position and stability of the rider, not in a lab or wind tunnel, but in the real world.

Better still, BMC Aero Motion is exclusively available to Speedmachine 00 riders.

The 00 Package
The full Speedmachine 00 package includes:
• Speedmachine 00 LTD Bike
• Premium Travel Case
• Exclusive BMC Aero Motion ownership
• BMC Platinum Owners Circle Membership
• Add-ons completing the experience
• Travel and Lodging near BMC's Switzerland HQ provided by
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Limited to 50 bikes. Once they gone, they gone.

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BMC Speedmachine 00 LTD Red AXS 1 Triathlon Bike Package

BMC Speedmachine 00 LTD Red AXS 1 Triathlon Bike Package

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