Most triathletes live and die by their watch, primarily using a version of the Garmin watch to track all of their swim, bike, and run. A common misconception is, 'I have a watch, why would I need a cycling computer as well?'.

More than swimming or running, the data you can get from the cycling leg of your race or while out on a long training ride, can really impact your performance. You need to be able to see that data quickly and consistently in order to make quick adjustments while riding.

Although you are able to capture the same data on a watch, unless you jerry-rig it onto your bike bars in some way, it’s difficult to see get consistent live updates.

Most athletes are either using heart rate or power in training and racing. Changes in your power output are going to occur with changes in the terrain, wind, draft packs, and so on.

For example, often athletes will attack hills in training and racing. They see a hill and push as hard as possible to get to the top - keeping the bike in a larger gear and grinding. By the time the athlete reaches the top, he/she is way over their power zone and their heart rate is through the roof. This often leads to a pause at the top and then coasting down the hill. Too many of those hills and your legs will be toast at the end of a ride. That’s fine unless you need to out and run a marathon at the end of your bike ride.

So the benefit of having a bike computer in your line of vision will greatly outweigh the cost of adding another gadget.

We are big fans of the Wahoo ELEMNT and Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt. The ELEMNT was the original bike computer from Wahoo and the Bolt is the slightly smaller and more aerodynamic computer. Both function the same way.

The great thing about any Wahoo product, including the ELEMNT, is the ease of use. Wahoo is committed to creating products that are easy to set up out of the box.

The ELEMNT also includes 3 mount stems to allow for customization of your bike set up on the front, in aero or on the stem.

When you purchase your computer and turn it on, you’ll receive a QR code that connects the computer to an app that you download from your phone. From the app, you can customize all of your data fields, information about you, add routes, connect to third-party apps like Strava, Ride with GPS and even Training Peaks.

From here you can aggregate information from almost any Bluetooth or ANT-plus connected device including heart rate monitors, power meters, electronic shifters and more. It’s easy to add sensors and profiles can be set up for each individual bike that you own.

Other great features:
Real-time mapping of friends so you can find people to ride with and tracking so your family members can have peace of mind knowing where you are as you ride

Turn by turn navigation using the LED sensors and screen directions. Upload your route before the ride and don’t worry about getting lost along the way.

You can control your KICKR using your ELEMNT

Ability to receive text messages on your ELEMNT - this allows you to glance at important notifications while riding without stopping to check your phone

Live Strava Segments for those who want to chase KOMs throughout the day!

Wahoo is offering a special deal on the ELEMNT from 5/15-6/15. Get a $80 rebate from Wahoo when you purchase a full-priced bike computer. 



**note - the rebate does not include the ELEMNT Bolt


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