It’s likely you’ve heard of the new(ish) sport that has made it’s way to the US, Swimrun.

Swimrun originated from a drunken bet between two sets of friends in Sweden’s Archipelago. The bet was to see which team could together hop from island to island by alternating swimming and running and arrive at a set restaurant first. The losing team had to buy drinks and dinner for everyone.

From there a new sport began to emerge. A team of two individuals together navigate the course with respect for each other and for nature. It is not a relay. Athletes must stay within 10 meters of each other at all times and many participants wear a tether to ensure they maintain the proper distance.

swimrun partners

Special swimrun wetsuits are recommended but not required. Many participants choose to swim in their shoes and wear a lightweight trail shoe that does not easily retain water.

Pull-buoys, paddles and flotation devices can also be used.

Swimrun is about adventure, endurance, and teamwork. At the inaugural Georgia Swimrun in 2017, many local triathletes noted that it was one of the most fun races they had ever participated in. Racing with a friend, navigating the trails and open water and the adventure of a new sport was a distinct difference from the pressure they often felt at the starting line of a triathlon.

Although it’s fun, it still is an endurance event and athletes should plan accordingly. Most races will have 2-4 miles of swimming and 6-15 miles of running as the swim and run legs alternate.

Team Podium member Abby Mowinski created a series of videos to provide more information for those who are interested in getting into the sport of swimrun including how to choose a partner, recommended equipment and how to train.

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Swimrun Guide with 2x Swimrun Finisher and Team Podium Member Abby Mowinski:


How to choose a partner

 What Gear do I Need?

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How to Train for a Swimrun

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