The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed challenges to our normal lives including challenging how we celebrate holidays. In this article, I share my thoughts, opinions and wish list for Mother’s Day. I am not a mother, but I have mothers in my life. Think about all the women in your life and if they are mothers, they are moving mountains to keep the kids healthy and happy through this forced family time. Of course, you are helping too! Your day will come! Father’s Day is next month!

We all have “Mothers” in our lives. I lost my mother 10 years ago and my husband lost his mother when he was in colleges. So technically, we do not have any mothers in our lives directly. However, I have 3 sisters-in-law who are amazing mothers to my nieces and nephews. My aunts have always been supportive of me and in these past 10 years, they have gone above and beyond to help make life moment’s special and answer questions that would be more appropriate to ask a mother. My friends are charting new territories for humans as we learn how to survive pandemics and providing the love, comfort and stability for their children while creating precious memories. We all have mothers in our lives and this year, I challenge us all to show our appreciation to them.

Now that you have the individuals in mind, think about them and what they might enjoy receiving:

  • Prior to the pandemic, did the “mother” you are thinking about go to the gym regularly?
  • Did the “mother” have races scheduled that have been canceled or postponed?
  • Has the “mother” ever said “I would love to run a 5k? or 10k, or marathon or triathlon, or cycling event?
  • Does the “mother” dream of improving her time in her sport? Did she have the desire to go further or faster than ever before?
  • Have you upgraded your gear more recently than she has?
  • Are you looking for additional things to do together as a family?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then continue reading. I will share with you my advice for Mother’s Day gifts during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

ORBEA Road Bike

New Bike

Bikes equal freedom. From when you first learn how to ride to a quick ride around the block you can be independent and power yourself through this world using your own energy. It creates a connection with nature and yourself. Consider a new bike for the Mother you are thinking about. If she is an avid athlete, an upgraded bike will help her crush her next race! Is she getting started or looking to cruise around town? Perhaps an urban bike or an e-bike would be the best for her. The employees at all3sports will help you to find the right bike for her. Browse online and call to ensure you’re getting the right bike for her.

Bike repair

Bike tune-up

She already has a bike. Great! When was the last time it had a tune-up? This gift of servicing her bike will show that you care about her safety and the longevity of her being able to enjoy her trusty ride. The mechanics at all3sports are highly skilled and the best in the city. Schedule the repair or drop off the bike when you are near the shop.

Garmin bike speed sensor

Bike computer & sensors

Metrics are empowering and motivating for nearly every fitness enthusiast. With the feedback of speed, cadence and power, the mother in your life will push herself to be the best version of herself. Each time she gets on the bike, she will have the real time feedback to know that she is crushing her workout session. To ride with virtual training sessions through Zwift, TrainerRoad or Sufferfest on a basic trainer, she will want these sensors to enable the versatility of those tools. Every time she goes outside or hops on a trainer, she will thank you.

Garmin 945 Triathlon Watch

Smart watch

Races in 2020 are going virtual and in order to participate, measuring your workout is required. Smart watches are great gifts to make sure she can track her workout and qualify for the top prizes. It works with running, swimming, cycling, golf and so many other activities. Real time feedback, storage of music, training progress and guided workouts are all features of most watches these days. Garmin 945 watches are now on sale for Mother’s Day. If the website is not showing it online, that means it is not available in the store. Call the store to order one for you and have it shipped directly to your house.

Wahoo bike trainer setup

Stationary Trainer

Training indoors became a trend several years ago. This provides the time-crunched athlete the opportunity to spend more time working out without the commute to the workout location. Training at home allows you to work out on your schedule when you have time. For the busy mother, an indoor trainer gives her flexibility to workout when the busy schedule allows for a quick session. A smart trainer takes the training to a new level. She can get lost in the worlds of Zwift or follow along with the pros in Sufferfest. However she chooses to ride indoors, a smart trainer will keep her motivated, avoid traffic, train in a safe location and adapt to her busy schedule.

ORCA Wetsuit

Wetsuit or swim skin

Pools are closed and open water options are a bit chilly in the early season. A wetsuit is a great gift for the swimmer who is anxious to get back at it. In addition to keeping the body warm, wetsuits provide buoyancy which improves the position of the body in the water making a faster swimming experience. The material has less drag then skin and swimwear which will give the mother in your life an additional boost of confidence. As an additional swim related gift, get a buoy so she is visible in the lake, river or ocean. This doubles as a pocket to store a small number of items such as a car key or a phone since it’s airtight.  

Coeur Triathlon Clothing - Woman


When you look good you feel good! All3sports has the 2020 gear in stock. Consider getting the mother in your life a new pair of bike shorts or a cute cycling top. Although group activities are canceled for the time being, clothing can help spark joy and give her the boost of happiness she needs in these strange times. If you do not know what she typically wears, try to talk to someone in the family to see if they have ideas or call the all3sports store. They help many customers find the right gear for their needs and can help you with this decision.

all3sports gift card image

Gift card

When in doubt, get a gift card. Gift giving can be tricky. Did you get the right size? Is this what she really wants or needs? If you do give a gift card, consider writing a note with a suggestion of what she might like and maybe go with her to spend the gift card. It’s two gifts in one. The gift of the physical item and the gift of time together!

No matter what you choose, the mother in your life will appreciate the thought you put into the gift. She will appreciate that you took time to think about her interests, goals and motivations and get her a gift that suits her. And if you are an athlete too, you can enjoy training with her.

EVO Kid's Bike

Bonus Idea

Why not pick up a bike for the kids too and go on a family bike ride. You are giving the gift of a family outing! All3sports carries a wide variety of bikes to choose from. 


Article submitted by Kristin Janacek.


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