Caffelatex Espresso Repair Sealant Cartridge 75ml

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  • works for road and XC tyres
  • the only cartridge functioning also on lenticular wheels
  • easy to use thanks to Presta-only silicone hose
  • doesn’t contain Ammonia
  • Multi-purpose:
  • it repairs punctures on tube-type, tubeless and tubular tires.

Easy to use:
The flexible silicone tube of the nozzle fits directly on Presta valves, allowing the use of Espresso even with spokes close to the valve area or Disc wheels (a unique feature!).

Thanks to the lack of adapters on the hose, the special repairing foam (Caffélatex based) goes straight into the tire, without leaks.

Less than one minute is needed to inflate and repair tires with sizes from road up to 29×2.20.

Puncture-sealing action is ensured by ammonia-free Caffélatex sealant, optimized for the pressurized application. Espresso doesn’t damage Caffélatex, if already present inside the tire, but enhances its action.

One Espresso cartridge for one tire. Presta valve only.

it can inflate a road tire up to 72 PSI and an XC mountain bike tire at over 29 PSI. It’s possible to add more pressure after using Espresso cartridge.

Maximum repairable damage in a tube:
Inner tubes stretch when inflated – being limited in their expansion only by the tire – and punctures in a tube tend to change geometry and size depending on the inflating pressure.

As punctures in a tube grow in size increasing the pressure, the maximum damage a sealant can repair in a tubeless tire (where the puncture size and geometry don’t change much with pressure) is bigger than that of an inner tube.
Espresso can generally repair punctures up to 1 mm in tubes, while it’s up to 4 or 5 times more in a tubeless tire.