blueseventy Axis Full Suit - 2011

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vSize: Women's XS


The body has a large buoyancy zone in the torso...the lungs. With this natural torso buoyancy comes the need to make the lower body more bouyant, and that's exactly what the Axis tri wetsuit does. By placing higher buoyancy materials in the hips, thighs and lower leg the goal the body becomes more balanced in buoyancy and becomes much more streamlined. This allows for a more efficient swim stroke.

    • Increased feel of the water and propulsion with forearm propulsion panels
    • Anatomically correct 380 flex reach panels for maximum flexibility and arm detachment from the main body
    • Low friction neck to promote comfort
    • Easy release ankle system for faster transitions
    • Specific Female Fit upper body panels to accommodate the feminine form
    • Balanced Buoyancy for increased body alignment and performance delivered through anatomically located Blue Seventy 'molecular neoprene', designed to deliver superior buoyancy over typical neoprenes