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Find out how some of our moms balance training, family, and a busy life!

Mami Etsuki Fondu

Mami is an Atlanta-based triathlete who balances a busy career in the art world with training and three young children.

How did you get into Triathlon?

1) I got into triathlon after having my 3rd and last child. I was sooooooo done being pregnant and needing to get my body back. I saw friends training for a sprint tri and thought this would be a good challenge for me. The training helped me carve out "me" time. It was hard at first because I felt guilty for leaving my husband with 3 little ones, but I realized how important it is for all to have some alone time!!


How do you balance triathlon and family?

2) It's definitely hard balancing family life, working full-time, training, and racing. It definitely gets crazy with everyone's activities during the week and weekend, but we somehow make it work. I couldn't do it without my husband being supportive. He knows how important this is to me as well. He also says I am less cranky this way :-). It also works out that he has his soccer, so we really juggle 5 individual schedules!! Many times, I do have to close down the gym at 11pm. It becomes the only time that's left in the day. We really live day by day, week by week!


Ann Schwartz

Ann Schwartz is a busy physician and active mom in the Atlanta-area. She races on one of our race teams and is the mom of three pre-teen and teen-aged children (10, 13, and 16)

How did you get into triathlon?

I have been a competitive swimmer since young age and triathlons were a natural progression as I also ran and cycled for cross training. I started participating in triathlons in high school after my dad gave me the option of finding a summer job or racing like my older brother. After continuing competitive swimming through college, I had my fill of swimming. After a brief period in medical school with only moderate exercise, I found myself missing the training and competition and found my way back to triathlons.

How do you balance it with a family?

The balance is challenging for sure because I work full-time and my husband Steve also competes in triathlons. We have 3 children (ages 10, 13, and 16), so workouts typically require extensive planning, coordinating, and scheduling. It recently has gotten a bit easier because we can leave the kids home alone while we train, but fitting in our workouts still requires scheduling around all of their weekend activities. We have to be organized and structured and fit the workouts in any period of time that we can find. Fortunately, I’m an early bird, and so I get the majority of my workouts done before my kids get up!

Susie Orcutt

Susie Orcutt is a Peachtree City-based triathlete and bonus mom to three boys. She begins her interview by sharing the lessons she has learned about the choices we make from from becoming a bonus (step) mom and racing triathlon.

Susie's story....

We can CHOOSE to love..choose to respect. Choose to forgive

life is about a series of choices…and we get to decide what we believe and how we respond to situations.

The boys and I choose to call each other "bonus" instead of "step"

Bonus represents…an addition to… an added bonus…more love…more family..more grandparents..more cousins…there is no such thing as TOO MUCH LOVE… (versus step which gives a feeling of "other than" or alternate ). We are NOT alternates. We are an addition to one another lives. We made a decision to LOVE first and LOVE big and RESPECT always. I respect their biological mother and I don't try to take the place of….I am an addition to the family

Leah Rodenbeck

Leah Rodenbeck moved to Atlanta from Nashville, TN in 2017 and joined one of our race teams. She is the mom of three young children, ages 8, 6, and 4.

How did you get into triathlon?

Being a runner through college, I knew I needed to cross-train if I wanted to keep up the miles and be nice to my body, so I started doing spin classes which turned into a sprint triathlon and I've never looked back.

How do you balance it with a family?

This is an ongoing process for us, but each race season we get better at it. I don't work outside of the home, so I try to get the bulk of my training done when my kids are in school. During the week I communicate with my husband about what I want to get in on the weekend and we work out the time between kid's activities and family time. Each week looks a little different and balance looks different for everyone - we're getting closer to fine-tuning ours.