Powerbar Isoactive Raspberry Pomegranate 40 Servings

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The C2Max Dual Source Carb Mix in PowerBar® IsoActive Drink Mix is designed for rapid absorption and transport of energy to working muscles to help improve endurance performance. It contains 5 essential electrolytes to help replace electrolytes lost through sweat and to speed re-hydration.

- Combine PowerBar® IsoActive with PowerGel™ Original, Hydro and Shots to help meet your energy and fluid needs during training sessions and races.
- Drinking plans for most athletes and most endurance activities will be approximately 0.4 to 0.8 Liters per hour (13.5 to 27 oz per hour) although this needs to be tailored to:
    - the athlete’s tolerance and experience
    - their opportunities for drinking fluids
    - the benefits of consuming carbohydrate in drink form vs gel or other product form (1).
- However, since there is a wide range of sweating rates, a customized approach is preferred over a standard drinking protocol (1).
    - To prevent drinking too much or too little, practice drinking during workouts to prevent any fluid weight gain.
    - To prevent dehydration-related decreases in performance, limit net fluid weight loss to 2-3% of body weight.
    - Example: 150 pound athlete should aim to finish a session or race between 147 and 150 pounds.

Consume 30-90 grams of C2Max Dual Source Carb Mix-containing products per hour of activity (2)
- Target: Up to a 2-3 hrs session/race, 30-60g/hr
- Target: For sessions/races longer than 2-3 hrs, 30-90g/hr
- For best results, start consuming soon after starting exercise and then regularly throughout
- Mix and match from the following C2Max Dual Source Carb Mix-containing products to hit your target hourly carb intake range – see note immediately below about caffeine-containing products

Product / Grams of C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix per pouch/serving
PowerGel™ Original Energy Gel / 25g pouch
PowerGel™ Hydro Liquid Energy Gel / 25g pouch
PowerGel™ Shots Gel Filled Energy Chews / 48g pouch
PowerBar® IsoActive / 29g per 16oz serving

- Practice and Train Your Gut
- Always try first in training to see what works best for you
- Recent research suggests you may be able to train yourself to consume more with practice (3)