Trigger Point Performance Therapy Foot and Lower Leg DVD

Massage muscular aches and pains of the foot and lower leg on your own with the simple, revolutionary TP tools.

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    This high quality, multi-chapter, DVD includes all of the instruction you need to massage muscles associated with the Foot and Lower Leg such as the Soleus, Posterior Tibialis, Anterior Tibialis, Peronials, Calf, and more.

    The DVD includes a detailed How-To section lead by Founder Cassidy Phillips that will answer many questions such as pace, breathing, placement, duration and much more.

    It also includes one of our REGEN Classes. It is a slow soothing class much like a yoga video that you will follow along with to get your work in for the day.

    Biomechanical Education DVD
    Our Foot and Lower Leg Biomechanical Education DVD takes you through all of our education we provide for people experiencing Foot and Lower Leg pain. The DVD will talk about what the body goes through on a daily basis and how it affects biomechanics. You will also find tips for success within this DVD to give you pointers on hydration, icing, stretching and other things we do or need to worry about daily. A sample of the education we cover in the DVD is below.

    Day-to-day activity can take its toll on the body. Whether it's training for a triathlon, marathon, sporting event or just general work activities, your body and its biomechanics are continuously being compromised. The way you sit, stand, run, and drive affects the way your body will function through movement. Being that your foot is the foundation for your body, it's important that you massage the muscles that control the foot effectively and efficiently.

    It's important to understand that your foot is a puppet to the muscles in the lower leg. The muscles surrounding the calf region all connect in the bottom of the foot, so when these muscles get tight they are going to pull from their insertion points and potentially cause injuries to occur.

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