Newton MV2 Speed Racer White/Orange - Men's 2012

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Designed to be the lightest natural running shoe every produced the Newton MV2 is a no-sacrifice performance running shoe. The MV2, like other Newton Shoes, features Action/Reaction Technology™ to increase cushion while improving energy return with every step. By maintaining a level foot platform and biomechanical sensor plate you’re able to make contact with the ground faster, increasing your cadence. If you’re looking for a natural running shoe that is as comfortable as it is fast, you want the MV2.

Newton MV2 Speed Racer  White/Orange - Men's 2012

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•Ultra-light, highly breathable, fast-drying mesh
•Seamless anatomical support strapping
•Light weight, slip proof laces
•Heel securing double eyelets
•Second-generation Action/Reaction Technology™ in forefoot
•Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
•High rebound EVA
•Met-flex enhanced forefoot flexibility
•ETC anti-friction, antibacterial sock liner
•Water drainage system
•Optional 3mm lift included
•High traction 5 lug forefoot pattern
•Minimal surface contact area
•High density rubber in heel and toe
•100% recycled laces, webbing, insole topcover
•100% recycled box, packaging

Note that the MV2 is designed for a race fit. If you are a current Newton Running customer and are looking for a snug fit, stay with your current size. People who are looking for a comfortable, every day fit may want to go up a half size over your current running shoes.

The MV2 is a "zero-drop" shoe engineered for athletes who practice natural running form. The MV2 is unique in that it is built on a level profile: there is no drop from the heel to the forefoot, hence the term “zero-drop.”

It is not unusual for runners who are transitioning to a zero-drop shoe like the MV2 to experience tightness in the calves muscles and achilles tendons, as well as the feet. This can occur because the muscles and tendons are further elongated when running in a zero-drop shoe, compared to a conventional shoe with a lifted heel.

Adapting to a zero-drop shoe and a natural running style take time and the process is unique for each athlete. It is always better to make this transition gradually. With this in mind, we have enclosed a removable 3 millimeter heel lift with each pair of MV2s in the event that you wish to transition with incremental steps. This is particularly recommended if you are transitioning from a shoe with a high heel-toe drop.

1.How much does the MV2 weigh? - Men’s size 9 = 5.8 oz; Women’s size 7 = 5.2 oz
2.How do they fit? - Most people go up a half size from their current Newton Running shoe size if they are looking for a “comfort fit.” For a tighter racing fit, stay in your current Newton Running shoe size.
3.What does “zero-pitch” mean? - Zero-pitch means the shoe is built on a level platform and there is no difference between the heel height and the forefoot height.
4.Why should I use the enclosed heel lift? - Almost every shoe—including typical racing flats – is built with a raised heel. Most racing and training shoes range from 3% to 15% heel-toe drop. Consequently, most people are not accustom to a zero-drop (level profile) shoe and our lower leg muscles and tendons need time to adapt. This adaptation time takes a minimum of 4 weeks, and for some people it can take up to a year. To facilitate this adaption we have enclosed a 3mm heel lift to help eliminate the stress to the lower leg and foot.
5.How do I adapt to the shoes? – GRADUALLY. Listen to your body. Use the removable heel lift and start with very short runs – less than a mile. Focus on form, not speed or distance. Add mileage in very small, incremental steps. If you experience any soreness, rest and dial back your mileage, adding mileage only when you can do a short run and not experience soreness. Remember: the transition is relative to your body, so don’t measure your adaptation against a friend’s or a hypothetical time frame. Listen to your body and go slow. It is worth the investment.
6.How long will the MV2 last? - Unlike traditional shoes which are made out of foam, the MV2’s provides much greater longevity if you are running efficiently. Impact studies on our patented second generation Action/Reaction TechnologyTM show minimal change in the amount of protection (shock absorption /energy return) over 300 miles. As with all of our shoes, the MV2 wears like car tires - you will begin to see wear externally on the lugs almost immediately.
7.What is "second generation" Action/Reaction TechnologyTM? - The membrane is light-weight and tuned to react faster, promoting higher cadence. The lower profile design includes five articulating lugs.
8.Who should wear the MV2? - Anyone. Although designed to be a fast paced running shoe, runners of all abilities who are committed to adjusting to a more natural running form can benefit from this low profile design. The MV2 can also be used for walking, weight training and other gym activities.
9.What distances can I run in the MV2? - This shoe is engineered to run faster, shorter distances by people with natural running form. Experienced, efficient natural runners can run 5k to half marathon distances. For longer distances we would recommend our other Performance shoes.
10.Can I run a marathon in them? – Highly efficient, well adapted natural runners may chose to wear the MV2 for longer distances. Most people will prefer models from our Performance line for distances greater than a half marathon.
11.Do they work like other Newton Running shoes? – Yes! Like all of our other shoes, the MV2 is designed to encourage natural running form and utilizes our Action/Reaction TechnologyTM.
12.Can I use the MV2 on trails? - The shoes are nimble and offer great traction. They can be used on paths and dirt roads, but MV2 was not designed for rugged terrain.
13.Is it just a racing shoe? – No. The MV2 is ideal for shorter training runs, tempo runs and track workouts, as well as just walking or the gym.