Newton MV2 Speed Racer Black/Lime - Men's

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Quick Overview

Quick Overview

The new MV2 is engineered to be the lightest and most efficient Natural Running shoe ever produced. The MV2 race-specific second generation Action/Reaction Technology™ provides greater protection for running on hard surfaces. With a level to the ground profile (zero pitch) and a unique biomechanical sensor plate, the foot can sense the ground quicker, allowing for a fast-paced cadence. This shoe inspires speed.


Note that the MV2 is designed for a race fit. If you are a current Newton Running customer and are looking for a snug fit, in both length and width, stay with your current size. People who are looking for a comfortable, every day fit may want to go up a half size over your current running shoes.

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Regular Price: $124.95

Sale Price: $89.93

You Save: 28%

Newton MV2 Speed Racer  Black/Lime - Men's

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Adjusting to a completely level shoe requires time. At a mere 5.8 ounces, its lifespan is between 150 and 250 miles, depending on form and efficiency. 

The MV2 is a "zero-drop" shoe engineered for athletes who practice natural running form. The MV2 is unique in that it is built on a level profile: there is no drop from the heel to the forefoot, hence the term “zero-drop.” 

It is not unusual for runners who are transitioning to a zero-drop shoe like the MV2 to experience tightness in the calves muscles and achilles tendons, as well as the feet. This can occur because the muscles and tendons are further elongated when running in a zero-drop shoe, compared to a conventional shoe with a lifted heel.

Adapting to a zero-drop shoe and a natural running style take time and the process is unique for each athlete. It is always better to make this transition gradually. With this in mind, we have enclosed a removable 3 millimeter heel lift with each pair of MV2s in the event that you wish to transition with incremental steps. This is particularly recommended if you are transitioning from a shoe with a high heel-toe drop.

How to attach heel lift:

  1. Remove sock liner (insole)
  2. Peel adhesive backing away from heel lift
  3. Place heel lift, sticky side down, flush against the back of heel cup (tapered edge facing toward toes)
  4. Re-insert sock liner over the heel lift
  5. Remove the heel lift when you feel you have adapted


  • Ultra light, highly breathable, fast-drying mesh
  • Seamless anatomical support strapping
  • Variable fit
  • Light weight, slip proof laces
  • Heel-securing double eyelets


  • Race specific Action/Reaction Technology™ in forefoot
  • Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
  • High rebound EVA
  • Met-flex enhanced forefoot flexibility
  • ETC anti-friction, antibacterial sock liner
  • Water drainage system
  • Optional 3mm heel lift included


  • High traction 5 lug forefoot pattern
  • Minimal surface contact area
  • High density rubber in heel and toe


  • 100% recycled laces, webbing, insole topcover
  • 100% recycled box, packaging