Louis Garneau Vorttice Helmet


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The Vorttice helmet is a true revolution in aerodynamic helmets designed to be faster than the competition. Unlike any other aero helmet, proven dimpled technology at the front of the helmets causes air to flow closely to the helmet. Comes with Sticker Set to customize your helmet colors!

Louis Garneau Vorttice Helmet

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When hitting the “Vortex Generator” the air is accelerated again. Louis Garneau's unique “air intake” situated at the highest pressure point on the helmet directs the air along the 3 “evacuation channels”. When the cyclist is riding straight forward, the air must change direction to skirt around the helmet. Heat produced by the cyclist’s head is wicked out through the back. Designed to improve aerodynamic performance, the Vorttice lens is ventilated and included with the helmet. These unique features allow the athletes to go faster while spending less energy.


    Weight: 15.9 oz/450 g
    Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CE-AS 2063
    Vents: 2
    In-Mold Construction: Industrial process binding the  front liner and outer shell for increased durability.
    Spiderlock SL: Lighweight rack-and-pinion system, micro-adjustable using only one hand, offering extreme comfort and stability.
    Steplock Divider: Cam locking device to quickly adjust strap position.
    Golf Ball Effect: Texturized surface on the front of the helmet helps to achieve better laminar airflow.
    Vortex Generator:  Small blades at the surface of the helmet create vortices that energize the laminar layer resulting in improved performance
    Evacuation Channels: In order to avoid hindering aerodynamics, the vent opening must be stratgically positioned. When the cyclist is riding straight forward, the air must change direction to skirt around the helmet. This creates a high pressure zone in front of the helmet, making it the pefect place to position the vent. Air goies in at high speed, moves around the head through the evacuation channels, and out by the back opening. heat produced by the cyclist's head is then wicked out through the back.
    Sealed Pro Ice Padding:  Washable sealed adjustment padding for enhanced durability. Provides cool effect when wet. Ergonomic design for optimum comfort.
    Vorttice Lens Included: Designed to minimize fogging.  It features UV 400 resistance.