Argon 18 Gallium Frameset

The new Argon 18 Gallium is a fine mix of elegance, speed, style and performance all in one package. The reason behind it'sperformance is that the Gallium shares the same mold as the top-tier Gallium pro, which means the frame design, shape and performance sacrifices nothing. With an optimal blend of balance, light weight and stiffness, the Gallium is designed to bring all the qualities of a high end bike together in one frame.

The Gallium is available as a frameset, or a fully custom build to ensure you get the ride you want.

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The new Gallium features BB86 bottom bracket shell that utilizes press fit bearings, and provides unsurpassed stiffness while reducing weight.

The Gallium features one of Argon 18's unique features of frame design; AFS Geometry. What this geometry provides is a unique geometry for every frame size. Argon's development of this geometry produces unique dimensions to provide the most balanced, responsive ride for that given frame size.

AFS ensures:

  • An ideal position for riders of all sizes
  • A responsive, nimble bike regardless of frame size
  • Optimally balanced proportions
  • Seat tube angle (B)
  • Front top tube and rear top tube lengths (XXX)
  • Head tube angle and length (C and H)
  • Overall wheelbase, divided into two sections: chainstays and front center (XXX and YYY)

Drop 75 bottom bracket
On the Gallium, we've set the bottom bracket height at 75mm below the wheel hub centerline, as opposed to the 70mm position that has been prevalent since the days of wide, clip-and-strap pedals. But why?

Better handling.
The lower center of gravity makes for a more stable, solid-feeling ride. You're in control. Improved lateral rigidity. Lowering the bottom bracket lets us shorten the head tube, reducing the front triangle's dimensions, making it stiffer, improving the bike's accuracy in turns and efficiency in acceleration.


The Gallium comes equipped with the 3D Headtube system, an Argon 18 exclusive. Easy to install and adjust, 3D replaces conventional spacers with a structural mechanism that allows for handlebar height adjustment without compromising front-end stiffness.

Enhanced positioning versatility and superior front-end rigidity

The 3D system lets the user choose from three effective head tube lengths for a given frame size for positioning flexibility. These lengths are as follows:
1. Basic head tube length, no 3D spacer
2. Basic head tube length + 15mm
3. Basic head tube length + 25mm

A rider can fine-tune the bar height without piling up an excessive number of conventional spacers, leaving the frame's rigidity intact. Thanks to 3D, a handlebar set at a 15mm height preserves 5% more stiffness over a similar conventional set-up, and this figure reaches 11% with a bar set at a 25mm height.Since the 3D Headtube system offers three effective head tube lengths, a rider can set the right position initially, but can later revise this position as fitness, taste or riding style evolve over time.

Sprinting towards the line, punching it while cresting a hill, the 3D Headtube makes both bike and rider more efficient.

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Additional Info

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Special Price $831.99
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